Preschool SurePay and Enrollment Payment

In the past, parents have turned in a SurePay form to Rita Villegas to charge the Consolidated Fee, Tuition, and Extended Care charges. This year OLMC School, Preschool, and Parish are switching from the paper SurePay form to this secure digital platform (ShelbyNext).

This account will be used to:

  • Pay the Enrollment Fee today.
  • SurePay the Consolidated Fee paid on June 10, 2021 ($100 per student)
  • SurePay the Tuition, charged on the 10th of each month from July-May.
  • SurePay Extended Care Fees, charged on the 25th of each month from September-June.

First you need to click “Register an Account”. Once you’ve created your account, click “FORM” at the top and pay your Enrollment Fee.

If you have already created an account for an OLMC K-8 student, you do not need to create another; you can just log in and pay your Preschool Enrollment Fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Rita Villegas at