Preschool Philosophy and Curriculum

Our Philosophy

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Preschool views early childhood education as being the development of the whole child and we are committed to offering opportunities for balanced growth in all areas: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative, and spiritual. Based on our understanding that children learn through play, daily routines encourage active involvement, meaningful experimentation and positive reinforcement. We believe that in a caring and positive atmosphere a child will develop at his/her own pace and to his/her fullest potential. We are a ministry to young families and are dedicated to providing a quality Catholic preschool program to meet the needs of our community.


As educators of Faith first, we embrace the idea that the child is born of God, and deserves to be recognized as a unique individual. Our goal is to provide supervision and guidance from enthusiastic educators who are tuned into the language of child behavior.

Every child should know the joy of self-worth. Through both discovery and spiritual guidance, the child will find that God’s world is a wonderful place, and that he/she is an important part of it.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Preschool is State Certified. Our Lead Teachers and Teaching Assistants are First Aid and CPR Certified, qualified through the State of Arizona, and meet all requirements of Diocese of Phoenix.